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Registering & Shipping
Q: How do I start shipping to Ship49?
A: You must sign up and create an account online prior to shipping.
After registering look for our welcome email, as it has additional required documents & additional helpful information for shipping, picking up and guidelines.
Q: What is a PS 1583 Form and is it required?
A: This is a USPS regulated form that allows Ship49 as Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA) to receive packages and/or mail on your behalf and release to you legally. You will complete this form when you pick up packages for the first time in store.
Packages cannot be released without a completed form (along with ID verification).
Q: Can my new account be shared with my family members?
A: All new accounts with Ship49 are solely for your use and cannot be shared with any family members or other individuals.
In order to use our services, all individuals will need to register online & complete the required PS 1583 Form provided in your registration confirmation email.
Q: How should I address my packages?
A: Use your phone number as your new Account ID. Below is an example:

Your Full Name (First & Last)

63 12th St

#Customer Number (10 digits without space/dash)

Blaine, WA 98230

*Be sure to include # before your number

Q: Where do I enter my account ID#?
A: Try entering your account ID# on the "address line 2" (such as apt#, unit#, suite#)
If unable to enter your entire account ID#, try the last 4 digits instead (Example: #1234)
If still unable to enter in your account ID#, ensure your Entire Full Registered First & Last Names are on shipping address and bring a copy of your tracking # to us when picking up.
Q: Are there any weight or size restrictions?
A: Max acceptable weight is 50 lbs. We are unable to accept packages over 50 lbs at this time.
Any packages being shipped here over this weight limit will be refused and sent back with the carrier. 
Q: Do you accept COD (Collect On Delivery) packages?
A: We do not accept any packages that require payment at the time of delivery. The packages will be refused and sent back with the carrier. 
Picking Up Packages
Q: The seller/carrier says my package is delivered, but why haven't I received any notifications from Ship49?
A: Different carriers mark their packages as delivered differently:
For FedEx, UPS and DHL: they mark as delivered when packages arrive at our store. You should receive our notification within 24 hours (we need t
ime to check packages into our tracking system).
For USPS: they mark as delivered when packages arrive at their USPS sorting facility in Blaine. Generally it takes another 1-2 business days to arrive at our store. Please send email inquiry only after 2 business days have passed since USPS mark packages as delivered
 (see next question below).
Q: What information is needed to submit email package inquiry?
A: If you haven't received notifications from Ship49 after seller/carrier says the package has been delivered. Please send an email to and include the following 2 attachments:
1. Screenshot/PDF of your online order that shows the shipping address was entered correctly
     - The shipping address must include yo
ur full name and customer number, otherwise you will not get a notification
2. Screenshot/PDF of the tracking
 number that shows the package has been delivered
Once we receive the above information, we will investigate and reply to your email within 1 business day.
Q: How will I know when my packages arrives?
A: An email or SMS text message (or both) will be sent to you (Whichever you chose when registering). Please allow up to 2 business days to check in packages during busier times.
Please wait to receive a notification from us prior to coming in. Please do not call to check the status of your packages because the track numbers are usually very long. Please send an email inquiry instead.
Q: How can I pick up my package?
A: You can pick up anytime during our business hours. Please keep your tracking # available when picking up. This is to help confirm the correct recipient if all the required information (Full First & Last Name, and Customer ID#) is not on the label.
All checked-in packages must be picked up at each visit, leaving nothing behind.
Please always check our website's hom
epage for any US Holiday/unexpected closures before crossing border.
Q: What if I can't come to pick up, do you offer forwarding?
A: Yes, we offer a basic Forwarding Service. Detailed information can be found on our "Parcel Forwarding" page.
Q: Can a friend or family member pick up my parcel or mail for me? 
A: Yes, each customer account is allowed to have up to 3 "Authorized Pick-Up Contacts" (APC's) added on their account.
Before Authorized Pick-Up
Contacts can be added, Ship49 must confirm the customer's identity first, either in-person during first visit or via email verification. (Please refer to your welcome email for further information)
Q: How can I confirm my identity so someone can pick up my parcel or mail for me? 
A: All new customers must have their identity verified in person -or- by emailing us the required 2 government-issued IDs (one with photo) along with a picture of you holding a picture ID next to their face "selfie" to
Q: Can an APC "Authorized Pick-Up Contact" send a parcel or mail with their own name & phone number on it? 
A: No. Only registered customers may send a parcel or mail to Ship49. APC's will need to register if they plan on sending in their own name. 
Q: How long do I have to pick up my parcel?
A: We keep packages for a max of 90 days. After 90 days we reserve the right to sell, destroy or donate the package and its contents. (For more information see our "Terms of Service" document on home page)
Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept Canadian Visa/Mastercard/AMEX (we do not accept Canadian debit cards/cash).
Q: How long is the free storage period?
A: It depends on when the package is received by our store:
Jan 1st - Oct 31st: Free storage period is 30 days
Nov 1st - Dec 31st: Free storage period is 14 days
we get hundreds of packages daily during holiday season and need to have enough storage space to serve our customers).
Customer Account
Q: How do I edit my information after registering?
A: Please send us an email informing us of any changes. This will help us to be sure your information is correct in our tracking system.
Q: Can I add/change/edit the Authorized Pick-up Contacts "APC's"?
A: Please send us an email informing us of any changes. This will help us to be sure your information is correct in our tracking system.
Q: How many Authorized Pick-up Contacts "APC's" can I have?
A: You are allowed up to 3 individuals at a time.

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