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Forwarding/Reshipping to Canada/US

Please read instructions below carefully

  • Service Fee

    Forwarding/Reshipping price is per package or up to 10 mails
    Valid for 14 days
    • Please carefully read instructions below before purchasing
    • Do not purchase until you have already bought shipping label
  • Late Fee

    After free storage period, late fee is charged every 14 days
    Valid for 14 days
    • Late fees must be paid before we can forward to you
    • Check "Services & Fees" section for more information
  • Late Fee X5

    5 times the Late Fee
    Valid for 14 days
    • Late fees must be paid before we can forward to you
    • Check "Services & Fees" section for more information

Forwarding/Reshipping - How it Works:

  • We can forward parcels or mails to Canada/US when you provide us a pre-paid shipping label. We will print and place on the parcel or mail envelope and drop off at the designated couriers...

      (FedEx, UPS, USPS)

  • We cannot combine parcels, as such, each parcel "package"/"box" must have it's own shipping label and weigh less than 50lbs. 

  • We can put up to 10 pieces of lettermail into a single large envelope if requested.


Step 1: Gather information about shipment 

* For Mail: Confirm how many pieces of mail you have here with us. This quantity can change the amount of large envelopes we need to use, and will ultimately affect the quantity & price of the pre-paid label(s) you will need to purchase

* For Parcels: Contact us for your parcel measurements & weight via email at

  • Each individual box must have it's own shipping label

Step 2. Choose which carrier you would like to use (only USPS, FedEx, or UPS)

Step 3. Purchase prepaid label with carrier, then email label and customs invoice to​​

  • "Ship From/Sender/Exporter" field:                   Must use your name + our store address

  • "Ship To/Recipient/Importer/Consignee" field:  Must use your name + your home address

  • Incorrectly addressed parcels will be refused by carriers

  • You are responsible for paying all required duties and taxes

Step 4. Pay forwarding service fee and applicable late fee by clicking "Select" at top of page

Step 5. Once payment is received we will drop off your parcel/mail within 2 business days 

NOTE: We only provide basic forwarding service as outlined above. If you need more assistance with forwarding your packages, we recommend reaching out to a local U.S. customs broker to assist you

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