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Pay Per Visit -2

Simple and Transparent Pricing For Our Customers

  • No Registration Fee

  • No Annual Fee

  • Free Email/Text Parcel Notification

  • Free Cardboard Recycling If Flattened

Regular Parcel or Mail:

  • $2.75 per parcel or mail

  • Up to 50 lbs


  • $5.00 per Tire

  • Up to 50lbs per Tire

Free Storage Period:

  • Free storage period is 30 days for all parcels, mails and tires*

  • *Between November 1st and December 31st, storage period is 14 days

Late Fee:

  • After free storage period ends, late fees are charged every 14 days

  • $2.75 per parcel or mail

  • $5 per tire

Oversize Fee:

  • An additional $2.75 will be charged if parcel handling requires two people

  • Examples include mattress, large TV, etc.

Unflattened Cardboard Fee:

  • $1 per unflattened cardboard

  • Flattened cardboards are free to recycle

Parcel or Mail Forwarding

  • $5.5 per parcel or up to 10 mails

  • Email us your prepaid shipping labels, we will print and paste on the desired parcel or mail and drop off at the designated couriers. Click "Read More" below for more info.

High Volume Service

  • We offer discounts for high volume customers and businesses

  • Contact us for more information via email:

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